Negative Room Pressure measurement using differential sensors

Room Pressure sensors are used to monitor the difference in pressure between two rooms, across a wall etc. Other terms for this system are negative pressure sensor monitor, positive pressure monitor, differential pressure sensor,  room pressure monitoring system etc. Typical applications are for Airborne Infection Isolation Rooms (AIIR), operation theatre, clean rooms etc.


Negative Room Pressure difference monitoring with an alert system for isolation rooms, clean rooms etc.

There are many applications for closed areas where we have to maintain positive or negative pressure continuously. In order to ensure this, we have to install a continuous pressure monitoring system. Typical applications are monitoring critical pressures at:

  1. Patient isolation rooms in which a slight negative pressure has to be maintained. Negative room pressure has a pressure lower than atmospheric pressure.
  2. Airborne Infection Isolation Rooms (AIIR) for infections such as Covid-19 viruses. This room is always at a lower pressure than the atmospheric pressure. The corridor and other nearby rooms will be at normal atmospheric pressure. As the isolation room always is at a lower pressure, the air with viruses will not go to other rooms.
  3. Specialised research rooms in which controlled conditions are maintained.
  4. Clean environment rooms and clean rooms for which we need to maintain positive pressure. As the air has to be as clean as possible within a cleanroom. Hence air shouldn’t enter into this room from other rooms or the corridors. The cleanroom is always at a higher pressure than the corridor. Hence air goes from the cleanroom to the outer rooms only and not vice-versa.
  5. Medicine process rooms which are controlled for pressure, humidity and temperature.
  6. Sterilized plants or rooms which have to keep slightly negative pressure.
  7. Intensive care unit (ICU) for critical patients.
  8. Decontamination rooms for preventing contamination.
  9. Pharmaceutical special rooms for processing medicine items.
  10. Pharmaceutical manufacturing areas.
  11. Trauma care rooms.
  12. Low-pressure monitoring for various other industrial applications.
  13. High-pressure monitoring for industrial applications.
  14. Central sterile supply department (CSSD) area in Hospitals which are at positive room pressure. A positive pressure room has a slightly differential-pressure-sensor-sensorsuaehigher pressure than the atmospheric room.

The normal type of installation is on a wall across two rooms having different pressure levels. If the door is opened the pressure will be different. In order to avoid false alarms, a delay can be programmed. Also, there are different models which can monitor three pressure levels across three rooms. There are two pressure ports which can be connected to silicon tubes across two walls.

Differential Room Pressure monitoring through BMS

The device can be connected to the existing Building Management System (BMS) through Ethernet, WiFi or BACNet or similar automation protocols. The device is completely standalone and the monitoring and alert system is not dependent on the computer network or Building Management System. In the case of a pressure difference, local audible and visual alarms will be generated. Also, auxiliary NO/NC contacts are available which can be connected to external alarms or other devices.

Low-Pressure / High-pressure Alert System with a Phone call, SMS or Local siren

The following alerts are possible:

  1. A local audible alarm which will generate loud alarms if the proper pressure is not maintained.
  2. Local visual alarm with a strobe having a flashlight.
  3. Email alert which can generate emails to operators.
  4. Alarm, siren or buzzer at any desired place such as a control room, distant from the monitored area.
  5. Monitoring through a computer screen in a central display room or any other place.
  6. Monitoring and alerts through centralized BMS system of the building. It will have different options to connect to a serial port, RS 482 port etc.
  7. Phone call and SMS alert system which can make voice calls and SMS to 4 operators.
  8. The system can be calibrated to NIST standards.
  9. Connection to the local nursing station in the hospital to give an alert to the nurses.



Special pressure differential monitors are available for explosive atmospheres as well. Also, we supply various pressure transmitters. In case you require complete pressure control through VAVs, we undertake complete design and automation of the same. In such a case, the pressure sevackerglobal-offers-differential-pressure-sensornsors will continuously monitor the room pressure and will adjust VAVs.

Products details for negative room pressure monitoring system and positive room pressure monitoring system

  1. Brief Title of the device: Room pressure monitoring system for two rooms. Negative room pressure monitoring system and positive room pressure monitoring system for airborne infection isolation room (AIIR), Clean rooms, Operation Theaters, CSSD rooms etc. in hospitals.
  2. Brief Description of the device: This is a room pressure monitoring system for two rooms. Negative room pressure is lower than atmospheric pressure. Positive room pressure is higher than atmospheric pressure. There are different rooms in hospitals having negative and positive pressure. Our room pressure sensors monitor the pressure and give an alert.
  3. Model number: VAC-CPS-6000
  4. Brand: VackerGlobal
  5. Seller: VackerGlobal
  6. SKU Number: 1008000049
  7. Price (AED): 6,000.00
  8. Price Validity: 31 December 2021

FAQ on room pressure monitoring system

  1. What is a negative pressure room?: A negative pressure room has the air pressure within the room slightly lower than atmospheric pressure.
  2. What is a positive pressure room?: A positive pressure room has the air pressure within the room slightly higher than atmospheric pressure.
  3. How negative pressure is created in a room?: Negative pressure is created by continuously removing air from the room and pushing into the outside atmosphere. This is achieved by adjusting the airflow in the existing HVAC system. You can also generate this with negative pressure generators.
  4. How positive pressure is created in a room?: Positive pressure is created by pushing more air into the room so that this room always has a higher pressure. This can be achieved by adjusting the airflow in the existing HVAC system or by using additional airflow generators.
  5. What is s room pressure monitoring system?: These are critical rooms in hospitals. Hence it is essential that the desired pressure level is maintained at all times. You may install room pressure sensor monitors with an alert system for this purpose.
  6. What are the alerts in a negative room pressure monitor?: Normally you can connect to the nearest nursing station. Also, it will have a phone call, SMS alerts through optional devices. It can also have a local buzzer for a local alert.
  7. How to clean the air from a negative pressure isolation room?: Normally HEPA filters and UVC light is used to clean the outgoing air from the Airborne infection Isolation rooms (AIIR).

If you require monitoring of pressure in clean rooms, we have a complete cleanroom monitoring system which includes Internal Air Quality.

Also please see our article: Vacker ties up with PSIDAC, Sweden for differential pressure sensors



We provide design, supply, installation and commissioning of room pressure monitoring systems for hospitals, research centres, clinics, clean rooms, laboratories etc.


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