Door & Gate Automation using Infrared Sensors

Automation of industrial doors is carried out using Infrared sensors.door-automation

Infrared transmitter and receiver are fitted on either side of the industrial doors to detect the opening and closing of the doors. The basis of the detection is that the transmitter constantly transmits infrared waves to the other end. The receiver continuously receives the rays. If there is any interruption, the receiver detects that there is a material or human being in the path and through an array of logic it determines whether the door is in a closed or open position.

The transmitter-receiver combination can generate auxiliary signals for other devices to operate in such cases

Case study: Automation of  shutter doors for Pharmaceutical warehouse

The project carries out by us as shown in this picture involves 23 industrial rolling shutters of a pharmaceutical industry. The opening of the doors was to be controlled in a sequential manner to prevent hot air coming into the interiors.

The door opening was detected through the infrared sensors and a logic was achieved through PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) to achieve the following:door-gate-automation

The doors were grouped into three groups. If any of one group of the doors are opened, the doors of the other two groups cannot be opened. However, other doors of the same group can be opened.

It is also possible to manually change the setting through a control switch so that a door from another group can be opened for 60 seconds after which the door will be closed automatically.

Similar automation can be carried out for Gates, Rolling shutters etc.

Case study: Automatic air curtain Switch ON/OFF operation for a Pharmaceutical industry

This project involved the automatic operation of air curtains for a loading bay of a pharmaceutical warehouse. For pharmaceutical or other temperature sensitive products, the flow of outside air into the warehouse should be controlled.

Under normal circumstances, when a shutter door is opened, the outside air enters the warehouse thus affecting temperature. In order to prevent same, electric air curtains (operated through an electric fan) are fitted outside the door. When a door is opened, the operator has to switch on the fan, so that the air curtain operates.

In practical conditions, it happens that the operator will forget to switch on the fan while opening the door and thereafter to switch off the fan after closing the shutter. This necessitates automatic switch ON/OFF of air curtains.

We have installed sensors based systems so that the fans will automatically start when the door is opened and the fans will be switched off automatically when the door is closed. This system makes the whole operation foolproof so that this is not dependent on an operator.

We can provide this system for roller shutters as well as glass or wooden swing doors or slide doors. For swing or slide doors, we will provide different types of sensors for activating the system.

Vacker Group UAE carries out various automation solutions and supply of sensors throughout all Middle East countries including  UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar & Iraq


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