Ethernet-based Environment monitoring with Access Control & Digital inputs


The SH4 is an ethernet based Environment monitoring system with door access control system and works with an electromagnetic door lock and an RFID reader. No matter whether it’s your office, home or any data centre, it works as a brilliant and reliable watch-dog. This SH4 system offers you a simple and cost-effective way to manage accesses to your premises whether you use it for your single door or hundreds of racks.

This ethernet-based monitoring system is suitable for warehouses, cold storages, refrigerators, data centres, server rooms, pump rooms, research centres, laboratories, cryogenic tanks, hospitals, medicine storage etc. We can also combine phone call and SMS alert systems. 

This is an IP interface-based environment monitoring systems with access control which you can deploy for the user administration. You can collect the data of the access cards of all the users either in the central software (HWg DCD software) or directly in your HWg SH4 unit. The database created in the device will automatically synchronize itself with HWg DCD software. We offer free management software with the SH4 system. It provides you with additional support to manage everything in one place: doors, users, locations and a lot.

It’s an ACS also called the Access Control Management System with an RFID interface. A database of users is configurable on the Web. You can use it as a central cabinet cum Access Control System while Online. This access control system operates even offline on a stand-alone basis. Means you don’t have to depend on other support systems.

You can connect the SH4 device with up to 2 electromagnetic locks as well as 2 RFID readers of your preferences. The device supports most of the available models. It can also be configured as per your need. Its relay output feature can be reprogrammed to mark an opening of the door of a rack to trigger an alarm in case of any breach has happened.

Benefits of Ethernet-based environment monitoring system for Data Center


  1. It gives a piece of quick information if anybody is trying to enter or is present in your premises/area.
  2. It notifies the administrator through an SMS if the door is opened or if somebody tries to access the door with an invalid card.
  3. The user of the device can fetch the card details anytime from the database (the central software). The card details are also recorded automatically in the HWg SH4 unit in cases when server connection issues arise.
  4. It can remotely manage all the access information of the RFID cards on the web or through its DCD central software.

Main features of Ethernet-based data centre monitoring

  1. With this environment monitoring system, you’ll be able to control two separate doors.
  2. Its unique control system supports two different channels for door control.
  3. You can connect the main SH4 unit to two additional units of SH4s and SH4e with up to 16 data cabinets for your personalized usage.
  4. This will work for you both in an Online and an Offline mode. While online It uses HWg DCD, the central management software that is Free with the device.
  5. You can use the device with two separate RFID readers: with or without keypad as well.
  6. It includes SNMP as remote supervision. And the central monitoring system is enabled to send off SNMP traps to your administrator through an SMS.
  7. It has a consistent power supply input of 12v capacity.
  8. You can install HWg-SH into any racks of 19-inch length as an individual holder or a compound holder.

Usages of an ethernet monitoring systemethernet-monitoring-with-access-control-device

1. Apartment Building Access System :

You can use the HWg SH4 device as an access control system for the apartment houses as well as offices. A standard application is used with an RFID reader for giving you access to the door from the outside along with an exit button that is fitted inside the door. You will use your RFID tag while entering the house. And while going outside the house, you just have to press the exit button. In case of an emergency, you can also open the door from a different apartment. You can also use this system to control the gate of a parking lot. Using the HWg-DCD unit is quite optional in such circumstances. Moreover, it is simple to register an access tag or to disable the lost ones if any.

2. Access To A Company Building Through A Gate:

The HWg SH4 unit can similarly be used for entry gates of the company’s parking lots. One of your RFID readers will monitor your entry gate and another one will command accesses to the building. In this event, two codes will be allotted for the main gate and the door separately. You can use an exit button whenever you need to go outdoors. Eventually, the second RFID reader can also be employed at the gate of the parking lot (just for keeping evidence of cars coming in and going out). Using the HWg DCD unit is pretty optional in such scenarios as well.

3. Integrating The Access System With Your Other Applications:

Thanks to the compatibility of the device with all common RFID readers, you can integrate your HWg SH4 unit into your existing systems as well for the optimal benefits from your existing systems. For example, there are many RFID tags and systems already installed in many schools and libraries. By integrating the HWg-SH4 device, they can allow access rights to anybody by using their same tags at their ease. Also, delayed or timely arrivals are recorded, then the record can also be sent to the administrator as an e-mail or SMS notification. Also, using the HWg-SH4 device in an IT setting is ever so easy. You can apply the same thing in your own offices or premises.

4. A Standalone Solution To Your Racks:ethernet-monitoring-system-applications

This standard application offered with the HWg SH4 device is suitable not only for an individual cabinet but also for a combination of rack cabinets as a part of a data centre. You can install an HWg SH4 unit inside the rack and place the RFID reader on one or both of the entries gates. You can simply configure it in an offline mode through its WWW interface in case you have only one HWg SH4 unit. Although, the use of the HWg SH4 unit is suggested in an online mode with the HWg DCD software where only one unit is installed in each cabinet.

5. SH4e orSH4s Units Are A Remote Solution To Your Every Need:

It has an additional advantage of using it as a single control device with multiple SH4e or SH4s subordinate (small) devices and that makes it stand out from the crowd.

Just an RFID reader and a keyboard attached to an HWg SH4 device will be required in those cases. For all doors, you will get a unique code matching to each door (i.e. lock) number. You will get that unique codes matching to the number of the rack cabinets. Here, the numbers will then be applied as their door codes. In this case, subordinate units HWg SH4s and HWg SH4e are installed in their specific rack cabinets to command the door locks directly.

Applications of Vacker Ethernet-based real-time monitoring systems

Few of the applications of an Ethernet-based real-time environment monitoring system are as below:

  1. Temperature, Humidity & Power failure monitoring of warehouses.
  2. Monitoring of Temperature, Humidity, Power failure, Chiller plant, Water leak and Door opening of cold rooms.
  3. Water leak monitoring of commercial building, pump houses, cold storages, walk-in freezers, warehouses, residential buildings, offices etc.
  4. Environment monitoring of data centres and server rooms including temperature, humidity, water leak, power failure, failure of the cooling system, preventive maintenance, door opening, access control etc.
  5. Differential room Pressure monitoring of operations theatres, isolation wards, CSSD rooms, clean rooms, laboratories etc.
  6. Air Temperature, Soil temperature, humidity and light level monitoring of indoor and outdoor farms.
  7. Climate and weather monitoring for climatic studies, weather forecasting and outdoor farming.
  8. Water leakage monitoring with phone call alert for all kind of indoor or outdoor applications.
  9. Environment monitoring of cold chain items including pharma, fruits, vegetables, processed food items etc.
  10. Water flow and water pressure monitoring for pipes, tanks, distribution network etc.
  11. Water level monitoring for water tanks, sewerage tanks etc.

NOTE: Both of the main and subordinate units are able to use relay type objects, for example, for direct control of a rack or for identifying a door that is left unlocked. This function would be activated on demand of the customers.

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