Sensor Related Queries

Sensor Related Queries


Sensors are devices which are engineered for recording or measuring of various physical properties as well as respond in a certain manner to certain stimuli. Sensors have become one of the most important parts of modern engineering and an integral part of the field of automation.

What are the types of sensors?

Based on the applications, sensors can be mainly divided into two categories which are industrial process and automation sensors and standalone sensors. Based on the power requirement sensors can be divided into two types which are active sensors and passive sensors. Active sensors are those types of sensors which run with the help of a certain power source while passive sensors are those types of sensors which do not depend upon any kind of power source for their operation.

What is a motion sensor?


Sensors that are capable of detecting the motion of various kinds of bodies are known as motion sensors. Motion sensors have a wide range of application in modern industries and commercial buildings. it is also used for security reasons. Here are some of the main applications of motion sensors:

  • Automatic door system
  • Surveillance
  • Security lighting
  • Intruder or burglar alarm
  • Automated toilet
  • Escalator system
  • Automatic ticket gates
  • Entryway lighting

What is a smoke detector?


Smoke detectors are sensors that are capable of detecting smokes in a place. These sensors are generally used in a building to stop any potential fire breakout. Today many commercial buildings, as well as residential houses, install these sensors to protect their house from a fire.

Although these sensors are very cheap in price these smoke detectors can prevent damage of worthless properties. They are also helpful in protecting thousands of lives. The smoke detectors help to set an alarm to the user in the presence of smoke which helps the user to take prevention measures before the fire can cause serious damages.

How is the presence sensor different from the motion sensor?


Many common people get presence sensor confused with the motion sensor due to their similarity in the operating system. But the basic function of the presence sensor contrast with motion sensor. While the motion sensor can only detect a body with the help of the movement of the body presence sensor is completely different.

Presence sensor detects a living object not from the movement but from the infrared radiation radiated from the body. Presence sensors are more useful in lighting systems in comparison to motions sensors. If a motion sensor in installed then the lighting system will go off as soon as the person stops moving. But presence sensor can sense the presence of the person and does not go off even he or she stops moving.

What are the various types of sensors used in a car?

There are various types of sensors used in a car. Some of the main types of sensors used in a car are detonation sensor, oxygen sensor, manifold absolute pressure sensor, engine coolant temperature sensor, crankshaft position sensor etc. These sensors help the car to operate smoothly as well as keep it safe for the user.

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