Motion & Presence sensors with Phone call alert for swimming pool monitoring

It is of high importance that swimming pools need to be monitored for unauthorised entry during non working hours. Any accidental presence_motion-sensorentry especially by kids without supervision could be dangerous.

An easy solution can be provided using motion or presence sensors combined with automated Phone call and SMS alert to the operators. The device can be combined with timers so that different timings can be programmed for different days of the week.

The system works as sunder:

The timer is programmed in such a way that the alert system is activated during the programmed hours. eg. 9.00 pm to 6.00 am when the swimming pool is closed for all visitors of the hotel.

A presence detector is fixed on the peripheries of the swimming pool so that presence of human being is detected.

In case someone enters the swimming pool or nearby areas during the closed hours, a signal is generated which will activate the automatic alert system. The alert system will make phone calls to 8 operators one by one until one of them picks up the call and listen to the voice message . Upto 4 Customised voice messages can be recorded. If the hotel has 4 different swimming pools or  4 different areas to be monitored, separate voice messages and SMS can be programmed indicating the location of  the same.

The system can be completely powered by a battery back up so that any sort of power failure for whatever reasons will not affect functioning of the alert system for couple of hours.

Also an alert through a buzzer can be provided from the same system.ultrasonic-motion-occupancy-sensor

The PIR sensors used is Wattstopper, USA make.


Vacker Group UAE is involved in various automation solutions involving various sensors including presence / occupancy, motion , PIR (Passive Infrared), Ultrasonic sensors for various applications.

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