Motion sensors for advertising

We have executed a project in Dubai, United Arab Emirates for an advertising company involving motion sensors.motion-sensor-PIR-sensor

The requirement of the company was to activate a set of music and lights when a customer approaches a particular spot where the advertiser has displayed his items. This was executed inside a shopping mall. When any customer walks through the particular spot, same has to be detected and electrical circuits have to be activated.

The electrical circuits involved activation of lights, sound and a TV. The TV will show the images of the product being displayed and also will show the customer himself using a CCTV activated at the same instance.

The  challenge is to limit the distance of coverage, so that the same will be activated only if the customer is close to the displayed items. Same was achieved by using a motion sensor with small coverage area and by adjusting the sensitivity. Also the dissemination of the rays was limited by  making a cover and thus further limiting the coverage.

There was a timer also connected to the circuit so that another set of actions were to be carried out after certain delay.

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