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Bulb with Motion Sensor

Vacker Global is a one of the leading company in the world in building automation industry. We provide different systems of building automation for homes, offices, industries etc. We also provide lighting bulbs with motion sensors that are highly useful

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Motion sensor activated phone call alert

Motion sensors can be used to detect the presence of human beings and generate alert systems. Motion sensor uses the principle of Passive Infrared Rays (PIR) detection. This means the motion sensor will detect the presence of any human beings in its

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Motion sensors for advertising

We have executed a project in Dubai, United Arab Emirates for an advertising company involving motion sensors. The requirement of the company was to activate a set of music and lights when a customer approaches a particular spot where the

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Motion sensors and presence sensors

Motion sensors and presence sensors have been confused with each other. Basic principle is that Motion sensors/detectors gets activated only when there are people moving in the specified range of the motion sensors. Presence sensors/detectors sense the presence of living

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Sensor Division of Vacker Group

Vacker Group has been supplying various type of sensors including Electrical sensors, Mechanical Sensors, temperature sensors etc. in all Middle East Countries. The Sensor division has started this new website as a separate website mainly to cater to the specific

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